Albany Author Tells “Interesting Tales of Other People’s Woe”

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Damon Stewart Writes Short Stories of Ordinary Lives Gone Awry

Albany, N.Y. (09/14/14) — A local author explores the experiences of those who surrender to their character flaws in a new collection of short stories.

"Interesting Tales of Other People's Woe," by Damon Stewart (Cover)

Book Cover: Interesting Tales of Other People’s Woe, by Damon Stewart (2014)

Damon Stewart’s “Interesting Tales of Other People’s Woe” (162 pages) presents 12 stories written over the span of 15 years, some previously published in various literary magazines.

The stories in “Woe” provide a glimpse into lives that have gone off in unpredictable directions, both bad and good.

“Not all the tales are truly about ‘woe’ — some characters find hope, even contentment, in this collection,” said Stewart. “But we can relate to all of them, or at least get a sense of our neighbor’s fear or wonder. Sometimes it’s not about where you end up, but how you got there.”

In “Deja Vu, You Too, Champ,” the author explores the concept of reincarnation and what would happen if one remembers all one’s past lives.

In “Fall Harvest,” Stewart makes the case that those awkward reencounters with long lost friends just don’t have to be that awkward. In these stories, we see the consequences of decisions we might have made but (fortunately) didn’t— e.g. what if you did run off with the that person you were infatuated with, leaving spouse, children and all trappings of your former life behind? What if your rage at a betrayal was given full rein? What if you did have that one-more-for-the road, after you’ve had one for the road?

“Interesting Tales of Other People’s Woe” is about roads to “getting there”, both the paved and the rough path. Seven of the stories first appeared in the following literary journals: Word Riot, Salvage, Big Toe Press, Hobart, Amoskeag, Full Circle, and The Morpo Review.

“Woe” is available through Amazon in paperback and ebook editions. For information, and to read a sample story, visit:


The author will host a book publication party for “Interesting Tales of Other People’s Woes” this Tuesday, Oct. 14, from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., at The Hollow Bar + Kitchen at 79 North Pearl St., in downtown Albany. The party is free and open to the public. Books will be available for purchase and signing.

The author will also lead a “Toast To Bad Decisions” (yours and others’). Improv performers from the Mop & Bucket Co. will riff on passages from the book. There will be drink specials inspired by the seedy characters who haunt Damon’s sordid imagination, as well as free finger foods. The band Hard Soul will perform a tribute song to the author and play a set during the after party.


Damon Stewart. Photo by Tonya Scanlon Massey, TRM Photos.

(Photo by Tonya Scanlon Massey, TRM Photos.)

Damon Stewart lives in New York’s Capital Region. He has published short stories in several literary journals as well as travel and outdoor articles for national and regional magazines and newspapers. He is the author of “Interesting Tales of Other People’s Woe,” a short story collection published in 2014.

In 2007, he wrote and co-produced a pilot for a reality series, “The List.” In 2009, he wrote, produced and starred in a short film called “Shot Through The Heart.” His screenplay, Termini Station, was a finalist in the Fall 2011 Buffalo-Niagara Screenplay Competition.

He is seeking publication for a recently completed novel.

His Amazon Author Page is


For high resolution author photos and publicity images, visit:


To request a review copy of “Interesting Tales of Other People’s Woe” or to schedule an interview with Damon Stewart, contact Duncan Crary at 518-274-2723 or


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