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Shot Through the Heart

In 2009, Damon Stewart wrote, produced and starred in a short film titled Shot Through the Heart.

Shot Through the Heart from Damon Stewart on Vimeo.

Rodney Delisle shambles into a bar, troubled by his past and worried about a girl. His story unfolds as he tries to talk to an indifferent bartender and struggles with an unforgiving memory. Seeking redemption, he finds a simple peace.

Genre:   Drama
Studio: A Lawyers, Guns and Movies Production in association with State St. Productions
Awards: Official Entry Knickerbocker Film Festival
Starring: Damon Stewart, Colleen Lovett, Travis Gil, and Irene McMahon
Director: Karen Christina Jones
Screenplay: Damon Stewart
Produced by Damon Stewart

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The List

In 2007, Damon Stewart wrote and co-produced a six minute reality TV pilot episode for a series titled The List.

The List is all about the “Top Five” anything: Top Five ways to get a date; Top Five fashion do’s and don’ts; Top Five worst jobs, Top Five places to go on vacation, etc.

The host, Raegan Koenig, a spunky twenty-something year old “Rachel Ray” of pop culture, will set the stage, interview people and celebrities and interject her own humorous insights during the Top Five segments.

Termini Station

In 2011, Damon Stewart wrote a screenplay titled Termini Station, which was a finalist in the Fall 2011 Buffalo-Niagara Screenplay Competition.