Jesus it’s early.

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Jesus it’s early.

I travel occasionally for work. This sometimes requires me to get up early, like, 4:00 am early. The only time I like being up at 4:00 am is when I’m still up from the night before. Usually way happier, albeit equally or less alert. Still.

It’s a plane to Dulles, then another to St. Louis. Hop in a rental, drive two hours to Springfield IL. Do my thing, crash at a fine Springfield establishment, and hop in car to reverse the whole deal tomorrow. Ugh.

In theory, there is some time to write in all this—on the plane, at the airport, tonight at the hotel.

We’ll see. Currently working on revisions to a script I wrote a few years back. It was a finalist in a screenplay competition, so I’m hoping that will get someone’s attention when I kick it out of the nest. It’s about a woman who gets caught up with a bad boyfriend, who is associated with other bad people, and in the process of ending the relationship ends up deported and dependant upon drug smugglers for a ride back home. Sort of thriller/drama. There’s some violence, some drugs. Fun stuff!

After that, some tweaks to a novel, and I’ll be shopping that around.

FYI, some frozen midwest below.

Next blog: some info on a new project involving some lit readings, short film, local music.

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