The First Official Blog Post

Author photo by Tonya Scanlon Massey.

So I was supposed to start this last week (before the book launch) but I’ve been struggling and finally just shrugged my shoulders and started typing. So here goes…

I’d like to start with thanking everyone who showed up at last week’s event. I thought that went really well, and people definitely bought a few books! Mopco was great, and Hard Soul added just the right rock-n-roll punch to end the night.

For photos, click here.

I’m still trying to build some momentum—hopefully I can get some decent reviews and maybe score an interview or two. I want to thank all of you who are recommending it on Facebook –please keep it up!

Next up: I have a novel I finished a few years back. I think I will give it another read-through and when the time is right, bang that up onto Amazon as well. Another excuse for a party!

Well, that’s a start.

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